Planning an affordable wedding

Planning an affordable wedding

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Intimate weddings are on the rise!

Recently there is a significant shift in wedding trends has emerged, driven by both financial consideration and re-evaluation of wedding tradition post-pandemic. Couples today are embracing intimate and smaller weddings as a response to rising cost-of-living expenses. 

While financial factors play a role, couples are now placing greater emphasis on crafting a personalized, meaningful experience rather than a lavish wedding. 

However, a lower budget does not mean sacrificing your dream wedding. With thoughtful planning and savvy choices, you can still have your ideal wedding experience.

Keep it small

Planning a guest list for your wedding can be overwhelming. You may have to decide whether to invite distant relatives, allow plus ones, or include children. With fewer guests, you can focus on spending quality time with your loved ones and those closest to you. 

You are not the only one considering a smaller wedding, with the average getting smaller, in 2019 it was 105 guests and now it is 93 according to a recent report in The Financial Review.

Weekday weddings

Weekday weddings can be a more budget-friendly option without the weekend premium and avoiding the cost of accommodation. 

Alternatively, a wedding held on a Friday can provide a full weekend of connecting, catching up and celebrating with family and friends without the worry of work the next day.


Couples have always valued personalisation and now they are also finding joy in getting creative and saving money with DIY projects. Due to costs, couples are becoming more creative and having friends and family help with hair, makeup and flower arrangements. 

Designing their own invitations, name cards, and decorations, to infuse even more meaning and fun into their special day while also cutting costs. You can do the same.

Dry Wedding

Take advantage of the sharp decline in alcohol consumption amongst younger Australians and join the growing number of couples opting to leave alcohol off the menu at their weddings. There are an increasing number of non-alcohol options and having a dry event can lead to big savings.

Ask your guests for help

Ask your guests to help out with the catering, serving the food and drinks, making music and MCing. They will be sure to say yes. Creating extra fond and shared memories of your special day.

Double Wedding

Weddings are usually about all eyes on one couple, but it doesn’t always need to be this way. A double wedding – a single marriage ceremony and reception for two couples – is not merely a thing in the movies, it can offer loads of fun for both couples, their families and friends.

Hire a community space

When planning a wedding, venues can be one of the most expensive aspects, community spaces are the more affordable option. In The Financial Review, it was reported that you can save up to $20,000 by opting for a wedding in a community or local space. Community spaces like church halls, and surf clubs, can provide a charming and distinctive space for your big day.

These spaces are often located within the heart of the community, making them convenient for you and your guests. Many also offer self-catering and free parking.

By booking a community space, you can also feel good about supporting a local organisation.

Have a look at our favourite community spaces ideal for weddings.

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