Vennu Liability Insurance

Vennu Liability Insurance

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Built-in liability insurance with your Vennu booking: a game-changer


Vennu Liability Insurance solves a major obstacle to hiring by asset owners and potential hirers. It provides a seamless, low-risk customer experience while offering a new way to engage with community members, addressing increasing inequality with equity of access and reducing the administrative burden for those managing community spaces.

Vennu Liability Insurance is beneficial for both community users who book a space through Vennu and the owners of these spaces, as it helps streamline processes.

Vennu Liability Insurance delivers in two key ways:


Mark attended a function at a community space and tripped on a loose carpet, breaking his wrist. He then sued the function organiser to cover his medical costs. The organiser claimed against the liability insurance provided when booking through Vennu. Now, Mark is recuperating without worrying about costs.


Jane wants to teach yoga at a community space but can’t afford the $350* for $20M liability insurance per class. If Jane could book the community space through Vennu, liability insurance would be included, and the classes could go ahead.

What do our customers say?

Stuart C, Secretary of an unincorporated volunteer organisation, is a frequent booker of space on Vennu.

“Vennu’s system is extremely convenient and allows us, as a voluntary organisation, to function in a way that we can afford to do so.”

Simone K, is a busy mum! She booked her local Surf Life Saving Club for her child’s birthday party.

“I am super busy. Vennu was very easy to use and there was no additional cost or complexity about insurance”.

What do our hosts say?

Joan C, Secretary of a not-for-profit organisation, listed space with Vennu. For Joan’s organisation, a significant consideration in listing their space with Vennu was the built-in liability insurance.

“Vennu’s liability insurance helps us support other not-for-profits to utilise our rooms where in the past, they haven’t been able to.”

* Vennu has a liability insurance policy that covers up to $20 million AUD for Hosts and Guests who have booked on the Vennu platform, for their liability to third parties for personal injury or property damage excluding * Sporting and recreational activities but not limited to gymnastics; bungee jumping, skydiving, aerial activities, mountaineering, unsupported rock climbing, abseiling – Military or equestrian activities; – Motor vehicle or motorcycle racing or rallies; – Firearms, missiles, weapons or explosives. 

For more information about Vennu Liability Insurance see our VENNU LIABILITY INSURANCE POLICY SUMMARY AND FAQ 

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