Berry Uniting Church

Berry Uniting Church

Berry Uniting Church 1024 682 Vennu

“Since we listed with Vennu, it has raised awareness of our properties with a wider demographic and range of activities”


“We have five community spaces that are very well used and Vennu has
helped with the advertising, booking, insurance and organisation of these spaces”

“There has been an interesting range of activities in the spaces including a
Charity book sale, Paediatric First Aid, Art and Flower workshops and a wonderful quilting display and workshop.”

“We also placed the Vennu link on our Website, which enables people interested in hiring the spaces to find information quickly and easily.”

Spaces for Hire

Berry Uniting Church Wesley Hall
The original 1884 Wesleyan Church, which has been relocated and refurbished by the Berry Uniting Church, and is now known as “Wesley Hall.” It is air conditioned, has good acoustics, a kitchenette, sound and video facilities and is available for smaller groups for meetings, concerts, training events, exercise classes, etc.

Berry Uniting Church
The Berry Uniting Church was built as Methodist Church in 1932, is welcoming and popular for weddings. It is air conditioned and will seat up to 150 people. It is equipped with a fine organ and piano, and high quality audio and projection equipment capable of projecting video, DVD and computer programs.

Berry Uniting Church ‘Friendship Room’
The Berry Uniting Church “Friendship Room” is carpeted and air conditioned and perfect for board or committee meetings and small training events. It is also the home of the Berry Community Library.

Berry Uniting Church Main Hall
The Berry Uniting Church Main Hall is of medium size and has a stage, a concert pitch, upright piano and well equipped kitchen. It will seat 120 comfortably, is air conditioned, has good acoustics, and is suitable for concerts, meetings, training sessions, wedding receptions, conferences and retreats and has ample of street parking and toilets.

Events Booked

  • Community Meetings
  • Business Workshop
  • Photoshoot
  • Concert
  • Charity Event

Janet Brentnall
Berry Uniting Church

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