Listing Best Practices

Listing Best Practices

Listing Best Practices 1024 683 Vennu

This checklist will help make your life easier as a Host and identify the priorities and expectations of Guests in order to enhance your listing.

Getting Started

Set up your account

When setting up your account:

  • Use a role-based email – avoid using your personal email address, so communications can be quickly passed on when there is a change in personnel or volunteers
  • Add your mobile number – for emergencies and for out of hours contact only – this information will not be shared with others
  • Add your ABN and bank details – so payments for bookings can be made directly to your nominated account

See our video for more details:

Once you have set up your account, you can:

  • Change or add emails – to keep relevant team members aware of booking communications

See our video for more details:

Create a listing

A good listing is clear, complete, and accurate. The description of your space is concise, and you use the relevant checkboxes for types of event, amenities etc.

Add details of the precautions you are taking to create best practice COVID Safe environment, e.g. more stringent cleaning, hand sanitiser and registration or QR Codes at the door. Provide a link to your COVID Safe plan.

Tell everyone about your organisation and the work you are doing in your community – target 50 – 70 words.

Set your price

Price is one of the top three concerns for Guests when making a booking. National research has confirmed while the majority of Guests are prepared to pay $50-$74 p/h many others will pay up to $99 p/h.

Look at comparable spaces for price guidance and be sure to add a basic Cleaning Fee.

We know 63% are comfortable to pay a little more in hire costs to ensure the venue meets COVID19 requirements – so consider adding this as an additional charge or alternatively increasing hire fees to cover any additional costs associated with implementing COVID Safe measures.

Finally, you can add additional service fees, e.g. for AV or furniture hire and subtract discounts for members, or recurring events for repeat customers before confirming bookings.

See our videos for more details:

Upload your photos

You need clear, informative photos to show off your great space and to support Guests decision-making process. We know Guests want to select a space efficiently and fine visually appealing images compelling.

You can add as many photos as you like, and it is easy. See our video for details: 

For more advice on compelling photography check out our blog:

Set up/ populate your calendar

Availability is one of the top three concerns for Guests when making a booking. You can set your usual hours of operation as your default calendar.

Use the Vennu Calendar, so guests have real-time visibility of your actual availability – saving you unnecessary inquiries and Guests frustration and disappointments when you reject their booking request.

See our videos for more details:

Upload your terms

Your terms and conditions and specifically your cancellation policy is one of the top three concerns for Guests when making a booking.

For best results, simplify your terms and conditions and implement a COVID specific refund policy. Don’t forget to upload your terms and conditions as part of your listing.

A good example

Next Steps

Integrate Vennu onto your website

To simplify the booking process for you and your Guests, increase revenue, free up your time, and promote your listing(s) on your website.

  • Add a text link to Vennu or incorporate the custom images from Vennu
  • Add Vennu on the homepage of your website

See our blog for more details: 

Organise a professional cleaning

While price and availability remain key, health and safety precautions and guidelines, cancellation policies and venue cleanliness are now much more critical.

Secure the services of a local professional cleaner for routine cleaning and remember to clean your spaces between events.

Implement your COVID safety plan

Use Vennu for all bookings for cashless payments and install keyless entry or key safes for additional safety.

Action booking requests immediately

Being responsive is essential for your Guests and also your reputation.

When Guests Request to Book your space they expect a timely response. If you take too long to respond the Vennu system may time out or you might loose the Guest out of frustration, hence being active is key.

Make sure the email address you have on Vennu is correct and Vennu is added to your address book to avoid emails going to spam. If you think you might not be able to respond to Guests in a timely manner then add additional staff members to the account, they can also accept bookings.

Here’s a video on how to add users to your account: 

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