How To: Integrating Vennu Into Your Website

How To: Integrating Vennu Into Your Website

How To: Integrating Vennu Into Your Website 1024 683 Vennu

We know you’re busy and that any additional daily admin is undesirable. We also know that by integrating Vennu into your website, you can increase bookings by 70 per cent and reduce phone calls by up to 95 per cent.

To simplify the booking process, increase your revenue and free up more time, there are two ways to promote your listing(s) on your website.

1 Add a text link to Vennu or incorporate the custom images below – an easy and effective option!

2 To create impact, announce your availability online through Vennu on the homepage of your website.

Find your URL

The first step is to create the URL which will navigate to your space or host profile on Vennu. You can source a direct listing link by going to your listing page and copying the highlighted text in the screenshot (left) below.

If you have multiple listings and want to share a relevant link to all, then navigate to your host profile and copy the link highlighted in the address bar (below right screenshot).

Add a text link

To implement this link on your website, use your webmaster or you can do it yourself. If you want to do it yourself follow the instructions for your CMS or include the following in the HTML. Please contact us on for any clarification.

Eg of text links could be:

<a href=”Your Space or Host URL“>Now available through Vennu</a>

<a href=”Your Space or Host URL“>Book Now through Vennu</a>

Just replace the text “Your Space or Host URL” with the URL or link you chose above.

Add an image

A more impactful option is to add one of Vennu’s custom-designed banners to your website. Download the zip of custom made assets from Vennu below and use them to link to your listing on 

Please do not hesitate to contact us on for further or custom assistance.

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