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An easy to use digital marketplace, Vennu showcases an abundance of unique community spaces to hire.

Vennu is an easy new way for you as a:



Easy to use digital marketplace
Easy to use digital marketplace
Build awareness and demand
Build Awareness and Demand for Venues
Increase venue utilisation
Increase Venue Utilisation and Return for the Good of the Community.


Streamline communication
Easy & Streamlined Trusted Connection with Host
Insurance about us
AIG Insurance *
Save time and money
Save Time, Money and Effort
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The Vennu team have launched a pilot in the Illawarra/Shoalhaven region and are looking to delight the local community with an abundance of unique community space suited to parties, community and religious gatherings, sports and exercise, corporate and work, retreats and adventures as well as pop-ups, performance and film/video production.

Our vision

Our goal is to transform the way community spaces are used locally and globally


Our Values

Awards and recognition

Vennu is proud to have been awarded a Jobs for NSW MVP Grant in April 2018