Putney Tennyson Bowling Club

The Putney-Tennyson Bowling and Recreation Club was established in 1971 as an initiative of the Putney Progress Association. The first President was Tom Hickey who had agitated within the Progress Association for the formation of such a club.

The Bowling and Recreation Club shares the emblem of the sailing ship Macquarie with the Progress Association.

The Women's Club was formed in 1972 with Marjorie Whitehouse as President.

The first bowls rolled across the club's first rink in November 1973.

Tom Hickey and Marjorie Whitehouse did the honours.

The official opening took place on 12 July 1975.

The Putney-Tennyson Bowling and Recreation Club is located in Frances Road, opposite Morrison Park. While it has greens for the bowlers, it is very much a community club, hosting many meetings of service organisations including Lions and Probus and supporting many local sporting clubs and other local organisations".

Extract from The "Sydney Journal" - Putney - Gregory Blaxell Page 56

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