Start earning today

vennu is a new way to promote, manage and plan your community spaces. And turn your idle space into revenue.

All for the good of the Community.

vennu is designed to showcase your unique community space. To save you time and effort vennu makes it easy to:
  • List your space
  • Share information
  • Confirm your availability
  • Make your space shine
  • Receive Bookings
  • Communicate with Guests
  • Specify your location

It’s easy for you to get started


List your space

It is super easy to set up your account and it takes less than 10 minutes to List your space.


Guests find your space

Guests can find you easily, they share details of their event and request to book. You confirm the booking.


vennu pays you

Guests are charged when confirming their booking and we pay you within a few days of processing the Guest payment minus a 3% service fee.

Using vennu you can:
  • Increase the use of your space
  • Gain more Bookings
  • Earn money to put back into your organisation
  • Improve your communications
  • Excite and expand your community
  • Make it easy for your staff, members and volunteers
  • Provide better customer service
  • Benefit from broad marketing
  • Achieve cost savings
  • Become more sustainable
  • Enhance your security
  • Secure aggregation benefits
  • Ensure GST compliance