Berry Uniting Church

Berry Uniting Church is a congregation of The Uniting Church in Australia, within the Synod of NSW/ACT and the Illawarra Presbytery. We have been blessed with a wonderful suite of buildings that we love to share with the community around us.

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Unfortunately, due to Covid 19, we had to cancel our concert and therefore the booking. Thank you for your understanding and for refunding our booking fee. Let's all hope we get to re-schedule some time soon!

Lillian C about listing Berry Uniting Church 3 months ago.

The Uniting Church offer a great service to the community and are a pleasure to deal with.

Cannot commend them enough.


Everything went smoothly,the payment system was easy to manage and we were very happy with the venue.Thankyou

Ross H about listing Berry Uniting Church Wesley Hall 2 years ago.