Berry Branch CWA

Berry Branch of the CWA is an integral part of the local community and we contribute to the local community in many ways. Funds raised go to supporting families in crisis, disadvantaged children, young adults in need of rehabilitation, medical research and education. Each year we support organizations such as William Campbell Foundation, Cann Assist, Triple Care Farm, Shoalhaven Education Fund and many others.

The CWA building was originally used as a public school in Pullman Street. When the present primary school was built, the old school was moved to the present position and owned by the Bowling Club. The Country Women's Association of NSW is now the custodian of this historically listed building. When not in use by the Branch we hire it out at very reasonable rates to other community organizations and businesses. This helps us generate income towards the ongoing maintenance of this historic building.

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Really well. It's a great venue!

Edmund H about listing Berry CWA 15 hours ago.

This is a fantastic venue - great size and facilities with a modern kitchen. Big thank you to Joan for excellent comms and being so helpful. Highly recommend.

Hannah B about listing Berry CWA 22 days ago.

All went as hoped. Thank you

Sally T about listing Berry CWA 3 months ago.