6 ways to increase your bookings on Vennu

6 ways to increase your bookings on Vennu

6 ways to increase your bookings on Vennu 1024 683 Vennu

You have a desirable space in a great location, now you need the right selling tools and the ability to respond quickly and professionally, to maximise both bookings and revenue for your community space. Take these small steps to reap big rewards.

1. Great Photography

If you have the budget (expect to pay up to $150/hour), a professional photographer is worth the investment. If you don’t, you can still capture your venue in its best light (even with a smartphone), by following these tips: use natural light where possible; take a good selection of images showing the venue both vacant (allowing guests to visualise it for their own use) and in-use – you could even ask a previous guest to supply their professional images for a credit, where possible. Think about the why of your venue and include images of all relevant areas: for example, if you offer kitchen facilities, be sure to include pics of the kitchen, along with the hall, bathroom, access and parking.

2. A prompt response.

The fastest way to lose a potential booking, is by not responding quickly – or at all. According to industry research, guests reported that their worst-ever experience was in getting no response to their booking request. Alarmingly, this lack of interaction affected their return rate: with potential guests trying the same venue again less than a quarter of the time – far less than if the host had simply said “no”. The message is clear: a “sorry, not this time” is much better for your future bookings than silence.

4. Get social

Use your social platforms to direct bookings to Vennu.com.au. Here’s an example of a social post that illustrates how to sell your venue with the right imagery and text. You can insert your own venue and text by copying this style (see right). For more information and image options read our ‘How To: Post about Vennu on Social Media‘ article.

5. Encourage reviews

Word of mouth is the best currency for future bookings. If you offer a seamless booking experience, a great venue and friendly and responsive customer service, then positive reviews will flow. Encourage your guests to leave a review at Vennu.com.au.

6. Let us do the work for you

If admin is not your strong suit, or you don’t have the time to deal with phone calls or emails, then direct all inquiries to Vennu.com.au and put us to work. Potential clients can discover everything they need to know on our website: from a detailed description, to a gallery of images and a calendar booking system. From there, the bookings and revenue will follow.

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